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No-one is immune from buying a leaky home

Anyone can get caught out buying a leaky home. In this situation, the Real Estate Agent knew the builder who built the building in question. Once it was built the agent sold the property. She then sold the building again – then the third time it was sold she bought it herself. She then found […]

Success Stories

These case studies below are just some of the thousands of properties that have used the proactive building management system to successfully protect and enhance their building and market value. You will see that every one of them is a plaster-clad home and that they have been successfully sold for above their current CV – […]

Building Expert specifies Mdu Probes

Below is an extract of a high-ranking Building Expert specifying Mdu Probes as part of targeted repairs and to protect timber from extensive damage from future leaks: Additionally, should the owners choose to follow a full reclad approach to their building remediation, then they would be well advised to install the Mdu Probe System as […]

Plaster home stigma may cost NZers more than actual leaky home issues

The construction of a generation of leaky buildings was a huge, and still unexplainable embarrassment for which no-one has been held to account.  There are many cases of badly damaged houses where owners have inherited major problems that need urgent and extensive repairs. These owners may or may not have had the ability to receive […]

Fascias-style guttering leak internally

Fascia-style gutters causing water to run into the building Guttering can be a hidden leaky building danger in many ‘low-risk’ homes Fascia-style (hidden) guttering systems pose risks of causing leaks to come into building walls and cause rot and leaky building syndrome. Because of their design and construction, small defects of installation or blocked drainpipes […]

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