Book on owning a plaster clad house

The Biggest Mistakes to Avoid when Buying a Plaster-Clad House

A plaster-clad house can be the bargain of the century or a financial time bomb. 

The time to find out is before you buy.

This no-nonsense expert report contains the essential education buyers need to avoid making expensive mistakes. 

Bonus Free Offer – Weathertightness Risk Assessment

Send us photos of the house and any details you have. Our experts will give you a free weathertightness risk assessment valued at $150 plus GST.

In this report, you will learn:

  • The risks involved in buying a plaster-clad house.
  • How to identify which houses are most at risk and which are safer.
  • Why standard visual inspections and thermal imaging cannot tell you if a plaster-clad house is safe to buy – and what inspections are required.
  • If you do buy,
    • How to make and keep your house safe and dry.
    • How to protect your investment so you can sell in the future.
  • Where to get expert advice and support.
  • How the regulators, experts and councils failed plaster-clad houses (and continue to let them down today.

Why you must know this before buying a plaster-clad house

When buying a plaster-clad house, you must be aware of the disastrous failures of New Zealand’s building regulations.  Tens of thousands of houses were built with substandard materials, workmanship and council inspections, leading to the ‘leaky homes crisis’.

All plaster-clad houses from this time can now be bought cheaper – some are great buying, others are not.

If you want to know how to find and buy a bargain, then maintain and add value to your investment, this expert report is your starting point.

When buying a plaster-clad house, many look great on the surface and buyers convince themselves that it must be OK. When we test the house properly we find that there are big problems, but then it’s too late.

Ian Holyoake, a former plaster cladding manufacturer, and now Managing Director of Moisture Detection Company, clearly explains the dilemma facing potential buyers. You will discover how the leaky home fiasco came to pass, how to find out which houses are lower risk, how to de-risk the sales process and how to maintain and preserve the value of the house if you do buy.