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We provide specialist weathertightness inspections, advice and timber treatment testing services.
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Expert Advice For You and Your Clients

Timber, Weathertightness and Invasive Inspections

Call on the experts for weathertightness inspections, or timber testing,

Moisture Detection Company can help.

  • When you need to know the treatment (if any) that was used in the framing of the house?
  • When the council demands an independent assessment of whether there is enough treatment, now that the timber has been exposed to the rain
  • When you want to know if, or where a house is leaking without cutting open the cladding or the gib
  • When you don’t have the tools to measure moisture levels inside the framing
  • When you have done a Builder’s Report, but couldn’t answer the questions about whether or where the house actually has leaks or decay.
  • When you want to know whether the repairs that you have done have actually stopped the leaks.

Look after your clients by giving them professional, evidence-based advice.

Moisture Detection can come to your site, gather samples discreetly then issue a report certifying the treatment used in the house – or you can send the samples to us for testing.

Our Moisture Probes allow invasive moisture and decay testing of suspected leak locations with minimal damage to your client’s house.

Moisture Probes do what surface scanning and thermal imaging can’t do.  They find what counts – the actual moisture content and whether there is any decay. Anything else is just guessing, and often misses leaks.

Moisture Probes can stay in place and be read over and over again to make sure that the leaks are stopped, and stay stopped.

Timber Treatment Testing

Accurate, Fast and Inexpensive Treatment Testing

We use the latest laboratory grade reagents to test for the most common timber treatments used in New Zealand; boron, CCA, and LOSP Tin.

All samples are tested alongside known treated control samples.  The results show what treatment is present and indicates the treatment strength relative to the known control sample.

Photographs of all samples and the controls are included on the Timber Treatment Test Certificate.  If MDC take the samples, we certify where the samples were taken from.

Some laboratories required large pieces of timber.  We only require some shavings from a drill hole, which can be extracted with no visual impact on the house.

Knowing the treatment level of the timber greatly aids in understanding the weathertightness risks, and amount of decay likely to be present.

Contact us for more information on our timber treatment testing.

Weathertightness and Leak Inspections

Whether you need help just locating a leak without tearing the house apart, or want a comprehensive invasive moisture and decay inspection, we have the solutions.

Please visit our Pre-Purchase Weathertightness Inspections page for information on the levels of inspection that we offer.

We can invasively inspect just one location, or quickly and inexpensively check all potential leak points for moisture and decay – stop ends, high ground lines, windows, gutters, showers, parapets, deck connections, pergolas – we all know that they can leak – but are they leaking and have they actually caused any damage?

We will work with you to diagnose the problems and offer the best solutions to your client.

Contact us for more information on how we help you to provide the best service and results for your client.

Selling a plaster clad house after moisture probes and weathertightness repairs

If your client has a house with monolithic cladding, this is the best advice that you can give them.

Install Mdu Moisture Probe System, Measure Timber Treatment and Assess Decay. Our patented moisture probe system has been measuring and monitoring for leaks in over two thousand New Zealand homes going back over fifteen years. 

A full description of our probe system is available here.

Target repairs to managing the leaks – we can provide advice on how to best repair leaks – we have been doing this for 16 years.

Treat timber that is vulnerable to decay with our unique treat-in-place RotStop system.

Modify or remove high risk features on the house that can cause leaks and score black marks from pre-purchase inspectors when your client wants to sell, for example high ground lines. We have proven repair systems for many of these risk features.

Monitor the moisture probes to ensure that the leaks are repaired. 

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