Where Does Your House Leak?

How many of these might your house have?

Damage from a Hidden House Leak

Water can be leaking for a long time, years even, without any obvious external signs.  However, under the gibboard, it can be rotting framing and joists.

By the time you notice something, a lot of damage is already done.

If you have a plaster house.  You can’t afford to just hope that nothing is going wrong and assume that everything was built 100% right and hasn’t started leaking?

House leak causes rotten timber

The big questions are: How long has this been leaking and how well treated is the framing?

“The difference between a $500 repair and a $5,000 repair could be
finding it 12 months sooner.

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Mdu Probes – Patented System for Finding House Leaks

  • Early house leak warning system

  • Discrete, permanent and accurate

  • Unique patented system, and proven over twenty years

  • Gives you peace of mind and slashes long term maintenance costs

Probe Installation


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