Book on owning a plaster clad house

Don’t Know What to do About Your Plaster-Clad Home?
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In this report, you will learn:

  • How to work out whether your house is at risk.
  • What happens if you do nothing
  • Clear analysis of the options available to you
  • How to get evidence for good decision-making
  • Why re-cladding is usually not economic, and when it might be
  • How to increase the resale value of your house – and protect yourself against adverse building reports.
  • The next steps to take
  • How the regulators, experts and councils failed those owning plaster-clad houses (and continue to let them down today – you are on your own).

Should you be worried about owning a plaster clad house in NZ?

If you want to make, and keep your house safe and dry, preserving its asset value, you cannot afford not to have this information.

As the country’s stock of plaster-clad houses ages, the issues of untreated timber, leaks and poor building practices from the past continue to haunt today’s owners.

We have tested thousands of houses.  The grim reality is that nearly all had at least one leak the owner was not aware of.  In many cases, we found multiple leaks and decay.  When you combine leaks with badly or untreated timber, doing nothing, or not finding out, is a very poor option.

If your house does leak, you need to find out where and fix it before it causes major damage. If it doesn’t leak then you need to be able to prove this to a future buyer and their bank.

​Without adequate preparation, homeowners are losing hundreds of thousands of dollars with many houses being sold below their land value.

​In this book, Ian Holyoake, a former plaster cladding manufacturer, industry expert, and now MD of Moisture Detection Company, clearly explains the dilemma facing those owning a plaster-clad house and why it is vital to be proactive and protect their most valuable investment.