How to Add Tens or Hundreds of Thousands to the Value of Your Home - Pre-Purchase Inspection Proofing

As an owner of a plaster clad house, you are no doubt aware that these are harder to sell and fetch a lower price than similar traditionally clad houses. The stigma of the leaky building scandal hangs over every single plaster clad house – whether it leaks or not. When the time comes to sell, you have to convince the buyer, their bank, and their pre-purchase inspector that your house is safe and a good investment. This can only be accomplished by providing hard evidence that can't be ignored or rejected. Moisture Detection Company have been looking after, maintaining and improving plaster clad houses since 2005 and their Pre-Inspection Proofing Process prepares your house for the best sale price.

Plaster Clad House Needs Help To Pass Pre-Purchase Inspection

After failing pre-purchase inspections, the owners decided to pull the house off the market so they could address the problems making the house sale fall over. During the process of installing moisture detection probes and analysing the timber samples, the house was found to have a number of moisture issues and decay problems.

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