Products and Services for Owners of Plaster-Clad Homes

For over fifteen years, Moisture Detection Company has helped owners to maintain, buy, or sell houses with monolithic cladding or plaster cladding.

We are different because we are the only company proving that most plasterclad houses can be successfully maintained, without expensive and disruptive re-cladding.  We find the leaks, we fix the leaks, we treat the timber and we prove everything with hard evidence.

Owners and buyers can have peace of mind that their plaster clad house is safe, dry and retaining its value, and for the minimum cost.

Moisture Detection Company Patented Moisture Detection and Monitoring System

Now, you can prove that your plaster-clad home doesn’t leak.  What will that do for the resale value and your peace of mind?  And, if there are any leaks, now you know where they are we can fix them.

The patented Mdu Moisture Probe System is the only way to find and measure moisture within the framing timber of your house, without cutting out cladding or internal linings.

Between thirty and seventy small probes are installed through the skirting boards and into the bottom plate at any points where a leak may occur, for example, under windows, beside ranch sliders, under decks etc.  The timber samples are retained and tested for timber treatment, decay and timber strength.

Leaks and other problems can be detected and action taken to prevent major damage.  It’s like having a leak early warning system installed in your house.

When it comes time to sell, you have a permanent record to prove that your plaster clad house is not a leaker (or that any leaks have been fixed).

Installation takes less than a day and then you will know:

  • where your house is leaking (and all houses leak) and how important the leaks are
  • if your house is built using treated timber, what treatment chemicals were used and how strong they are
  • how strong the timber is at the probe installation locations
  • whether any decay has started and how serious that decay is

That may all sound a little scary, but the good news is that we can control and manage nearly all problems, including lack of treatment and decay, cost-effectively.  The biggest problems come when owners of vulnerable plaster-clad homes don’t know what is happening behind their walls.

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RotStop – Treat-In-Place Timber Treatment

If your house framing is made from untreated or undertreated timber or,

If you have some existing decay in your house that is not affecting the structural strength or,

If you have some leaks or weathertightness issues, causing  water to get it,  but you can’t or don’t want to fix them straight away,

Then RotStop from Moisture Detection Company could be the answer.

RotStop is a high strength, low hazard timber treatment, injected from outside of the house through small holes in the cladding.  The treatment soaks into the wood and the multi-spectrum fungicide kills existing decay fungi, then stays in the timber to give long term decay protection.

RotStop treatment puts decay on hold and protects against current and future leaks.

Used as part of the Moisture Detection Company overall house moisture management process, RotStop can be an important part of keeping a plaster clad home safe and free of destructive decay.

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Timber Treatment Testing

Whether you are buying a house or just want to know how to maintain your own home, it is important to know how well treated the framing timber is.

Why is this so important? Because leaks in untreated framing can cause decay to start and spread very quickly whereas very well treated framing can withstand a lot of leaks before starting to decay. Therefore, if you are buying an untreated house, you need to allow more money for future maintenance and reduce your offer accordingly.  If you own an untreated house, you need to act quickly to stop any leaks and decay.

Moisture Detection Company offer a fast, cost-effective service to analyse your timber samples using laboratory-grade reagents to test for boron, tin or CCA treatment.

We can collect samples from your house, or you can send the samples to us – contact us for advice about how to take meaningful samples.

If you are buying any house built during 1992 – 2004, the treatment levels are suspect, no matter what the plans or specifications say.  The type of treatment (if any) should be factored into the buying price – because this will affect your future maintenance costs and the resale value.

If the house is built from untreated or under-treated timber, Moisture Detection Company offers an in-place timber treatment service to protect the timber from future decay.

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For House Buyers – Pre-Purchase Inspection

A pre-purchase inspection is where an experienced building expert inspects a property for a potential buyer to identify defects which may affect the value of the property or require maintenance in the future.  In some cases, the lending bank requires a weathertightness report before they will finance the mortgage.

Moisture Detection Company offer pre-purchase inspections with a difference.

We specialise in plaster-clad houses and finding possible problems with weathertightness and decay, which are the ones that could cost you a lot of money to resolve in the future.

Before you buy a plaster-clad house, you should know the treatment level of the timber used, the risk factors that could lead to problems, and most importantly, whether it is leaking.

We offer several levels of inspection and reporting, depending on how much you want to know about your potential purchase.

  • Visual inspection, which includes scanning for moisture at potential leak points, evaluation of risk factors, and existing cladding/flashing/roofing condition.
  • Timber treatment testing to determine whether the timber is Untreated, C8 Boric, H1 Boric, H1.2 Boric, LOSP (tin) or CCA.  This is a vital piece of information that other inspection companies do not provide.
  • Invasive (but non-destructive) moisture, decay and treatment testing at locations around the house which are most likely to be leaking.  We use our patented Mdu Moisture Detection Probes which are installed discretely in through the skirting boards to measure the actual moisture levels in the timber.
  • Weathertightness Report for obtaining bank finance.

By knowing exactly what you are buying, you can negotiate the right price and be prepared for any essential maintenance.  Once you buy your new home, we strongly recommend that Mdu Moisture Detection probes are installed to help keep your house safe and dry and to maintain it’s resale value.  They act as an early warning system’ to pick up leaks before they turn into costly decay.

Contact us now, if you want help from the industry experts to know whether that house you are going to buy is leaking or likely to cost you money in the future.

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For House Sellers: Pre-Purchase Inspection Proofing

Plaster-clad houses sell for less, and are harder to sell than similar houses that are not plaster-clad.  If you are selling a plaster-clad home.  How much less?  A lot depends on how well you prepare your house for sale.

Being able to prove your house doesn’t leak, and that the timber has been treated is a big step forward but often the sale falls over when the pre-purchase inspection suggests that there may be problems.

A poor pre-insection report can mean that the banks won’t lend the buyer the money, the buyer reduces their offer price, or they become concerned and withdraw their offer completely.

We get calls all of the time from sellers in a panic because they didn’t prepare their house for sale.  We suggest that you call us well in advance of going to market – ideally 12 months or more so we can find and resolve all of the problems and give your house a clean bill of health.

Pre-Insection Proofing from the experts in plaster-clad houses means that you can maximise the sales price and number of people who want to buy your house.

Contact us now, if you are selling, or planning to sell, a plaster-clad house and don’t want nasty surprises when your buyers ask for a pre-purchase inspection.

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