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What You Must Know About Owning A Plaster Clad House

Plaster Clad Houses

20 years of insider industry knowledge and experience with finding and solving leaks and decay in buildings have been squeezed into this Ground-Breaking Report for Monolithic or Plaster Clad Home Owners

If you own a plaster clad house, you won’t want to miss out on learning how to know for sure if your home leaks, has treated timber, or is rotting.   You can make your house weathertight, safer and worth more without an eye-wateringly expensive re-clad.

Just pop your details into the form below and find out vital information such as:

  • Why Did Houses Built from the Early 1990’s to Early 2000’s Leak and Rot?
  • What was the End Result?
  • Why All Houses Leak!
  • Which Houses are Most at Risk?
  • How Will I Know if My House is Affected?
  • Are Only Monolithic or Plaster Clad Houses at Risk?
  • Are Houses Built Outside The ‘Leaky Homes Era’ At Risk?
  • What Will Happen if I Do Nothing?
  • What is Re-Cladding?
  • Why Re-Cladding Doesn’t Solve The Problem?
  • Is There an Easier Way to Fix My House?
  • Targeted Remediation Planning
  • Targeted Remediation Steps
  • How do I Increase my House Resale Value?
  • The Pre-Purchase Inspection Nightmare
  • Pre-Inspection Proofing Process
  • What is my Next Step?