RotStop – Treat Timber and Decay Without Recladding

Fast, Effective and Long Lasting Solution for Untreated or Poorly Treated Timber

The rot caused by leaks in houses causes heartache and cost to thousands of New Zealand homeowners.

Sadly, the rot is usually hidden within the walls and can cause a lot of damage before you even know it is there.

This has been a massive problem for owners of plaster clad houses. They were often built with badly treated or untreated timber, with no drainage cavity to allow the timber to dry out, plus poor materials and construction leading to leaks.

RotStop is the only solution for treating current rot, and stopping future rot in existing houses.

Image of rotting timber inside a leaky building

The timber behind the gib was rotting away without anyone knowing

Treat Timber In Your House To Stop And Prevent Rot

If your timber is not well treated, any leak can start the rot.  RotStop is a proven timber treatment for existing houses which kills rot fast.

   RotStop Timber Treatment Facts

   Fact 1. RotStop treats timber, kills existing rot, and protects against further decay

  Fact 2. RotStop treats all harmful mould activity in your wall cavity, including toxic black moulds

  Fact 3. RotStop application is non-disruptive and safe for your family

  Fact 4. RotStop can eliminate the need for expensive recladding

  Fact 5. RotStop helps owners fix their leaky plaster clad homes

  Fact 6. RotStop is scientifically proven to work

RotStop Unique Effective Formulation

Deadly to Rot but Safe for People

RotStop is a broad-spectrum, low-toxicity timber preservative with a proven track record in New Zealand.  The main ingredient in RotStop is Boron, which is the safest and most common timber treatment used in New Zealand buildings from 1954, and is still used to treat most framing timber today.  Boron prevents most fungal growth and borer attack.

Other ingredients in RotStop help it to be absorbed into the wood and target other rot fungi such as white rot, dry rot and black mould which boron alone can’t stop.

RotStop is safe for use around people and there is usually no need for anyone to move out.

RotStop Application Process

Treating the timber inside your walls with minimal disruption

Holes used to inject RotStop foam to treat timber and stop decay

We have developed ways of treating your timber that leave little trace of the process – no cutout gib or cladding, no huge holes, just peace of mind.

RotStop is normally applied through small (11mm) diameter holes in the external cladding, which we fill once the work is complete.

In some areas, we may inject through the gib, through the skirting board, or even from underneath through the floorboards.

We treat all of the timber that needs to be treated, with minimal cosmetic impact on your house.  In most cases, just minor touch-up painting is required.

Where is RotStop Applied?

Treating all the timber in a house is expensive and unnecessary

MDC use a scientifically proven 100% evidence-based assessment to recommend a treatment programme specific to your house. This means that you can target the actual problems fast and don’t waste money on needless work.

  1. We install Moisture Detection Probes, which measure the real moisture levels, in the framing at vulnerable points in your house – this shows precisely where your house is actually damp. We may take readings in the summer and the winter so we fully understand your house.
  1. We test the timber at each Moisture Probe location – this finds out whether there is any rot (or has been any rot in the past).
  1. We measure the strength of the timber at each probe location to test if it has been affected by rot.
  1. We test the timber in your house for existing treatment so we know how quickly you should act – if it is untreated then fast action is recommended.
  1. Only after collecting all of this evidence do we present our recommendations to you. You then choose if you want to treat your timber, how much you want to treat, and when.
Moisture Detection Company Timber Evidence Chart for Leaky Buildings

MDC Rating System for Moisture Content, Visual Colour (Decay), Timber Resistance (Strength) and Treatment

Is There Anything Rotstop Can’t Do?

RotStop is an amazingly effective timber preservative however it can’t work miracles.

RotStop Can’t Un-Rot Your Timber

If your timber is already rotted, then RotStop can’t make it un-rotted.  It can however put the decay on-hold, while you decide what to do about the rot and when.  If the rot has been killed by RotStop, it is often OK to just leave it – as long the leak causing the decay is stopped.

RotStop Doesn’t Stop Leaks

If the leak isn’t stopped, the RotStop will continue to protect the framing but gib, carpets and skirting will still be damaged and mouldy.

The Moisture Detection Probes will show you if you have leaks and MDC will recommend repairs to repair them.

RotStop plus Leak Repairs = Safe, Dry and Healthy House