Moisture Meter Reading Moisture Probes

Moisture Meter Reading Moisture Probes

Why It’s Important To Have Your Moisture Probes Read Regularly?

The best insurance against the stigma from the leaky home era (a throwback from homes built between 1992-2005) is to ensure your moisture probes are checked on a regular basis.

99% of homes and buildings will leak at some stage of their existence – it’s just a fact of life.

However, the difference with plaster clad homes is that in an attempt to wrap homes up tight and warm, homes were built without necessary cavities that allowed water to dry out.

In addition, during the period 1992-2005, the timber used in construction was untreated or under-treated, an error which has since been rectified.

These aspects resulted in what we call the ‘perfect storm’ resulting in what has become known as the leaky home era.

It is not always obvious to see leaks.  Sometimes they hide away and create damage that is, in some cases, undetectable for many years.

To safeguard your home from leaks, Moisture Detection recommends you have your probes read on a regular basis.

This low cost solution not only provides the homeowner with peace of mind, but can also assist with a future sale.  A history, from an independent professional organisation, that shows your home is dry and problem-free puts your home above the rest when it comes time to sell.  Or if you’ve had issued with your home, showing that you have taken care of these and afforded the necessary maintenance, puts your house in front of others when it comes to purchasing decisions.

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