Thank you for your Response

We will be back in contact in a few months to arrange a time to read your moisture probes.

Regular reading of your probes is important to:

  1. Identify areas of high moisture (possible leaks) so they can be repaired and any damage to timber, gib and carpets minimised.
  2. Build up a history of moisture readings to assist you in selling when the time comes.

It is most important to have your probes read regularly if your House Probe Data shows that:

  1. There is existing decay or,
  2. A history of high moisture readings or,
  3. Is built with untreated or undertreated (H1) timber.

This information is available from your house data portal – Click on My House Login on the top bar.

If you need help getting into your portal, accessing reports or understanding the data, please give Ruth a call on (09) 271 0522.