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Let us help you with: 

  • Discrete Invasive Moisture and Decay testing for owners and potential buyers
  • Peace of mind for owners with our low-cost permanent Moisture Monitoring System
  • Accurate Information about your house condition so you can plan Appropriate Maintenance
  • Maintaining your house with monolithic cladding – without re-cladding
  • Treating Timber and Killing Decay with RotStop 
  • Preparing your house with monolithic cladding for the Maximum Sale Price
  • Fast, low-cost Timber Treatment Testing
  • Pre-purchase Weathertightness Inspections

No other company provides our level of expertise when it comes to inspecting and diagnosing plaster-clad houses. 

Buy With Confidence

Our weathertightness inspections find the problems, leaks and decay before you risk your money.

Sell For Top Dollar

Don’t risk being offered bottom dollar. Let us help you to prepare your plaster clad house for sale.

Protect Your Assets

Install an early detection system for leaks, treat your timber in-situ, repair leaks, and learn from the experts.

Houses with monolithic cladding have a poor reputation when it comes to leaks and decay. Let Moisture Detection offer you practical help to find and fix leaks fast and protect your largest asset.

With proven, patented diagnostic and monitoring tools, and a range of solutions to combat leaks and decay, Moisture Detection Company offers a complete service to find and solve your problems.

Regain peace of mind, and keep your home safe and dry for a fraction of the cost of a re-clad with the experts from Moisture Detection Company.

We are the only company in Auckland proving that houses with monolithic cladding can be successfully maintained without expensive and disruptive re-cladding.

Let our experienced team help you to know exactly your house is performing, and provide repair solutions, without breaking the bank. Prove your home is sound, safe and dry with scientific-based evidence.

Moisture Probe Monitoring and Plaster House Maintenance for Monolithic Cladding
Keep Monolithic Houses Safe and Dry
All houses require regular maintenance but plaster house maintenance is different. Monolithic cladding, badly treated timber, no cavity system and some poor building skills mean that you need to find and resolve problems quickly using moisture probes wherever leaks may develop.
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weathertightness inspections
Weathertightness Inspections
A pre-purchase or pre-sale inspection will identify defects which may affect the value of the property or require expensive maintenance in the future.
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Moisture Probe System and Weathertightness Inspections
Moisture Probe System
Our patented MDU Moisture Probe System is the only way to find and measure moisture within the framing timber of your house without cutting out cladding or internal linings.
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Testing Timber Behind Monolithic Cladding for Treatment
Timber Treatment Testing
Untreated or poorly treated timber is a significant risk that all home owners and potential buyers must be aware of. Our low cost, fast service provides you with this vital information.
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weathertightness defects in monolithic cladding detected with a moisture probe
Treat Timber and Stop Decay with RotStop
RotStop treatment puts decay on hold and protects against future leaks and rot. This is a far cheaper alternative to other remedial building solutions and will help you maintain value in your home.
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Our team has over 30 years in the building industry specialising in moisture detection.

Our team has installed patented moisture probes for early leak detection, giving you peace of mind.

The probes allow your home to be monitored and any issues can be fixed before they become expensive.

On average we’ve saved purchasers tens of thousands of dollars using our weathertightness inspections.

We have the expertise and the tools to find, diagnose and repair moisture and decay problems in any building with monolithic cladding.

Repairs for Monolithic Cladding

I want to...

Keep the Plaster Clad Home I Own, Safe and Dry

Patented and proven technology to keep homes with monolithic cladding free of leaks and decay without a reclad.

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weathertightness inspections

I want to...

Sell my Plaster Clad home for top dollar

Prepare your home for sale so you can prove to buyers that it is safe and not leaking.

Sellers who don’t do this are risking selling for less.

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Monolithic Cladding with Moisture Probe System

I want to...

Buy a Safe Plaster Clad Home at the Right Price
Help with safely buying a house with plaster cladding. Specialist weathertightness inspections, non-destructive invasive testing, timber treatment testing and advice provides the essential information you need to buy a safe, dry home at the right price
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selling a plaster clad house with monolithic cladding

I am a

Real Estate Agent and my client has a Plaster Clad house

Avoid buyers pulling out or offering your client silly prices.

We can provide pre-sale weathertightness inspections and find and fix defects, leaks and decay that will stop sales.

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Weathertightness Reports for Monolithic Cladding

I am a

Building Inspector and my client needs timber treatment testing or invasive inspections
Our weathertightness experts provide special purpose property inspections under NZ4306:2005 s4.2(n). We can also test timber samples for treatment levels.
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building moisture levels

I am a

Building Manager and need advice on weathertightness

We provide accurate data on moisture levels and decay throughout the building so you can make decisions on maintenance or recladding.
Our repairs and in-situ timber treatment are an alternative to expensive recladding.

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Download these helpful resources to learn what to look for in a house with monolithic cladding, how to maintain it and how to retain your home’s value.

Monolithic Cladding Repairs Auckland

Free Resource

Our latest report gives you the answers and best solutions for understanding moisture-related problems and looking after your most important financial asset.

Monolithic Cladding Repairs Auckland

Free Resource

Your house is likely to be your biggest asset. Look after it to maintain its value and it will reward you when it comes time to sell. Fixing problems early will save you thousands of dollars in maintenance costs.

Whether you just want this information for yourself or the bank is demanding it, our weathertightness inspections will determine if the timber is treated, decayed or wet.

We identify the problems that could cost you real money – so you can negotiate the best price or back out before it’s too late.

This our first home buying experience in NZ and just want to say how much we have appreciated your knowledge, insights and integrity throughout this whole process. It feels freeing to talk to someone who is science based and grounded in their principles. You have not tried to up sell like so many others that are coming through our house have tried.

Thank you so much and we look forward to long-term partnership with you and your team.

St Leonard’s Bay

Most of our clients just want to live in their house with peace of mind that it isn’t leaking and it is safe for their family. Our comprehensive patented moisture probe system identifies leaks and decay.

Once we have fixed the leaks, the probes then monitor for any new problems over the lifetime of the home.

From the moment I first met MDC in 2013, I have been in awe of their commitment to total professionalism in every aspect of their business. Their expertise is beyond question – they are true specialists in the area of Moisture Detection and action to be taken to lessen the probability of damage occurring. MDC radiate the feeling that to them, the client is paramount and they have always gone out of their way to assist me in considering action to be taken from time to time. I have been totally satisfied with all the work they have done for me over the 8 years I have been using them. Without question, they are my first port of call for any house Moisture issues.

Mission Bay

If you don’t take the time to prepare a home with monolithic cladding for sale, there is a high risk of low offers or deals falling through.

Plan to achieve a higher price and smoother sales process by proving that your house is safe and dry, and by fixing the problems that make your home look risky to buyers and building inspectors.

Ian at Moisture Detection clearly has a wealth of knowledge on all topics related to building weather tightness. More importantly he had the knowledge on all the options for addressing the leaks. Those options were discussed with me and I agreed on a scope of work. Moisture Detection undertook work, at a reasonable price, to improve weather tightness (windows, barge boards, roof flashing), remove gib and inspect some areas, and inject RotStop throughout the house. Some repairs were also conducted by a registered builder. Now with annual moisture readings I have been able to correct any causes of high moisture readings and have confidence in the condition of my plaster clad home. I have no hesitation in recommending Moisture Detection to any current or potential plaster home owner.


Our clients are able to negotiate a better buying price on their home with monolithic cladding,  then make them weatherproof and safe using our patented Moisture Probe technology, which pin-points the problems for more cost effective repairs and detects future leaks.

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