For Building Inspectors

Our weathertightness experts provide special purpose property inspections under NZ4306:2005 s4.2(n). We can also test timber samples for treatment levels.

For Building Inspectors - Add Integrity and Value to Your Inspection Report

Building Inspectors - give your clients what they are really looking for - “is this house weathertight and is it going to cost me money to fix leaks and decay?”

As Building Inspectors, you want to give your clients what they need.  But your inspection report following NZS4306 has to list all of those qualifications and exclusions about what you can’t see, and what might be happening behind the walls.  

You know that surface scanning does not measure moisture, can’t see decay and often misses critical defects. Defects that your clients expected you to tell them about.  Scanners just aren’t able to do this and in the summer, when the real estate market is hot, scanning misses even more.

When your clients read your ‘NZS4306 compliant’ inspection report on a plaster clad home; 

  • Are they left wondering about possible weathertightness and decay problems?  
  • Are  they clear about the next step? 
  • How does this leave them feeling about you and your report?
  • How does the Real Estate Agent who referred you feel about a report which, because it is for visual inspection only, doesn’t help the sale to go through?

Moisture Detection Company helps Building Inspectors to add value to their Pre-Purchase Inspection Reports. 

Because their clients aren’t left wondering and can move ahead positively.

Specialist Weathertightness Inspections.

Building Inspectors refer to Moisture Detection Company for

  • timber treatment testing (boron, CCA, LOSP tin),
  • specialist weathertightness inspections,
  • invasive testing, that is virtually non destructive.

Our reports meet the requirements of NZS 4306:2005 s4 Special Purpose Reports.

Mdu Moisture Probe System

We use our patented Mdu Moisture Probe system to invasively test locations of interest for decay, timber treatment and framing moisture content. 

The process is non-disruptive, creates very little damage and we can leave the probes  in place to monitor the success of future repairs.

Motivated vendors accept invasive inspection with probes but refuse to allow destructive cut-outs.

Providing information about how to have treatment and invasive testing done effectively, cheaply and without damage adds value to your report.

Pre-Purchase Inspection Reports

Wall Detail Showing How an Mdu probe is located in the bottom plate, near the cladding

Blanket statements in your report recommending ‘invasive testing’ are entirely correct and essential.  But wouldn’t it be better to advise how to get this done, without destructive cut-outs? How much more helpful would that be?

It could be said that Building Inspectors owe a duty of care to advise their clients where they can get this testing done in a manner which should be acceptable to the vendor.

Timber Treatment Testing

Building inspectors know that untreated or undertreated timber is a significant risk factor for plaster clad houses. Your standard report will refer to this.  The treatment level is fundamental and vital information that visual inspections can’t conclusively determine.

You could guess, and leave yourself open to action if you are wrong, or different timber is used in other parts of the house.

You can warn them that untreated timber is a risk and leave them wondering what to do.

Or, you can give them what they really want and need.  Help them to have the treatment levels tested so they know if this is a problem.

Building Inspectors can either take timber samples for us to analyse, or even better, refer us to take the samples.

  • Is the timber untreated, H1, H1.2, H3, Boron, LOSP, CCA and at what level?
  • We analyse the timber for treatment type and strength.

We help you to give your client this valuable information.

Timber Treatment Testing for owne or Property Mangers

Add value and integrity to your Pre-Purchase Inspection Reports by giving your clients the information they need.

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