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Since 2004, Moisture Detection Company has helped owners to maintain, buy, or sell houses with monolithic cladding or plaster cladding. Let our experienced team find the leaks, fix the leaks, treat the timber and prove everything with hard evidence.

Testing Timber Behind Monolithic Cladding for Treatment
Leak Detection and Repairs
Leak Detection, Assessment and Repairs for Home Owners and Property Managers
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Monolithic Cladding Repairs Auckland
Moisture Monitoring and Maintenance
You wouldn't consider owning a car without fuel or temperature gauges, so why would you own a plaster clad house without moisture monitoring?
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weathertightness defects in monolithic cladding detected with a moisture probe
Treat Timber and Stop Decay with RotStop
RotStop treatment puts decay on hold and protects against future leaks and rot. This is a far cheaper alternative to other remedial building solutions and will help you maintain value in your home.
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Testing Timber Behind Monolithic Cladding for Treatment
Timber Treatment Testing
Untreated or poorly treated timber is a significant risk that all home owners and potential buyers must be aware of. Our low cost, fast service provides you with this vital information.
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Moisture Probe System and Weathertightness Inspections
Moisture Probe System
Our patented MDU Moisture Probe System is the only way to find and measure moisture within the framing timber of your house without cutting out cladding or internal linings.
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Repairs to Homes with Monolithic Cladding
Repairs to Monolithic Clad Homes
Only Moisture Detection can give home owners proof that our repairs to monolithic clad houses have stopped the leaks - forever
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weathertightness inspections
Weathertightness Inspections
A pre-purchase or pre-sale inspection will identify defects which may affect the value of the property or require expensive maintenance in the future.
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Moisture Probe Monitoring and Plaster House Maintenance for Monolithic Cladding
Keep Monolithic Houses Safe and Dry
All houses require regular maintenance but plaster house maintenance is different. Monolithic cladding, badly treated timber, no cavity system and some poor building skills mean that you need to find and resolve problems quickly using moisture probes wherever leaks may develop.
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