Book a Moisture Probe Reading

Book a Moisture Probe Reading

Request an appointment to have your moisture probes read. For houses fitted with Mdu probes only.

Please advise any special requests, or dates or times that are suitable and we will fit in as best we can. If the property is tenanted, please advise your property manager's details.

Probe readings find leaks early, before they cause damage

Regular probe readings identify new leaks so they can be repaired before causing major damage to timber, wall linings and floor coverings.

Ideally, this should be every six months, or annually at the minimum. Annual readings should be during the colder, wetter months when important issues more detectable.

Regular probe readings build up a history of your house’s moisture performance – useful when it comes time to sell.

What is a ‘probe reading’?

Our technician visits your home, connects a moisture meter to each probe, and records the moisture reading. If there are unexpectedly high readings, this is noted, together with details and photographs. All data is uploaded to your BNet home page, from where you can download the report.

How do I prepare for a probe reading?

Ideally, someone would be home when our technician arrives, or you can make other access arrangements (lockbox, electronic key code etc.).

Please move furniture and obstructions at least 100mm away from the moisture probe locations. If there are probes in the back of cupboards or wardrobes, please move items out as far as possible.

What’s the cost?

The price for our technician to come to your home, read the probes, record notes and details on any unexpectedly high readings, then upload all information to your personal home page is $325 including GST. A full report of the readings can be downloaded.

Any agreed additional work carried out by the technician while on-site, would be an extra charge.  This may include minor repair work (e.g. window re-sealing), or more detailed investigation of issues.