Treat Timber and Stop Decay with RotStop

RotStop treatment puts decay on hold and protects against future leaks and rot. This is a far cheaper alternative to other remedial building solutions and will help you maintain value in your home.

RotStop - Stop Decay and Treat Timber

Treat timber and stop decay in existing homes simply and safely with RotStop.

Untreated or undertreated timber was used in tens of thousands of homes built between 1992 and 2005.  They are vulnerable to decay and becoming ‘leaky homes’.  Treat timber in existing houses with minimal cost or disruption with RotStop.

RotStop is highly effective in existing homes, at killing decay fungi and infusing safe timber treatment into the framing.  Decay is put on hold and the timber is protected from the effects of leaks future leaks.

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RotStop Multi-Spectrum Timber Treatment

Safe boron salt-based, multi-spectrum timber treatment.

Boron salts have been used to safely treat timber for NZ houses since 1952. Boron continues to be used today in all H1.2 treated timber.

Extensive testing shows that boron at high enough concentrations controls most species of fungi for short term leaks.  However, some species are not managed and once decay has established, boron alone does not stop them from spreading. Boron does not protect against long term leaks.

RotStop, formulated with additional fungicides,  controls many types of decay, including brown rots, white rots and wet rots.  The treatment soaks deeply into the timber, aided by surfactants and penetrants.

Houses with long-term leaks, or poorly treated timber are being damaged by decay, which can be prevented with RotStop. 

RotStop Process To Treat Timber

Non-disruptive, safe treatment process

RotStop injection is through small holes in the external cladding or gib.  These are repaired following treatment.

An injection programme typically takes four to five days, including repairing any drill holes in the cladding with a strong resin-based plaster repair system.

Occupant do not  need to leave the house while we treat the timber.

We inject RotStop as either a foam (into wall cavities) or a liquid (directly into studs).  Exposed framing can be treated with a direct topical application.

RotStop injection process to stop decay and treat timber in houses

RotStop Treats and Protects Houses Safely

Giving houses built with untreated timber protection against damage caused by leaks or insects.

If your house has untreated or undertreated timber, then RotStop will treat it, giving protection against damage caused by leaks or insects.

If your house has existing decay, then RotStop timber treatment puts decay on hold and kills dangerous moulds.  This means that you have time to stop the leaks, usually avoiding expensive timber replacement.

  • RotStop treats timber, kills existing rot and protects homes against future leaks and decay,
  • Controls harmful mould activity in your wall cavity, including toxic black moulds,
  • Effective against a wide range of decay species, 
  • Application is non-disruptive and safe for your family,
  • Manages problems associated with leaky homes,
  • Eliminate the need for expensive repairs or re-cladding,
  • Scientifically proven to work.
  • Applied where there are problems, saving you money.

RotStop is injected as either a foam (into wall cavities) or a liquid (directly into studs).  Exposed framing can be treated with a direct topical application.

Treat Timber That Needs Treating

Save money by effectively targeting treatment at known problem areas

Just putting RotStop timber treatment into a house without knowing exactly where the problems are?  It’s like firing a shotgun into the air and hoping to hit a duck. Maybe you will be successful, but more likely you will not be treating the real problems.  Treating areas that are not at risk is a waste of money.

A RotStop treatment programme is usually planned following installation of an Mdu Moisture Probe System.  Using the detailed information on the existing timber treatment, moisture contents and decay condition at the leak risk points around your house, our experts recommend a treatment plan in line with your goals, and the needs of the house.

If you have just one or two areas where you know there is a leak, we can just treat those for you.

RotStop is part of an overall process to make your house safe and dry.

Monolithic Plaster Clad House Process

  • RotStop protects timber from future decay,
  • Repairs control or stop the leaks, 
  • Modifications improve or reduce building risk factors,
  • Moisture Probe monitoring finds other leaks as they develop.
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