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Leak Detection, Assessment and Repairs for Home Owners and Property Managers

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Experts in Leak Detection and Repairs

Leak detection and repairs in houses and commercial buildings since 2005.

Experience, the right tools and an in-depth understanding of building construction and repair methods are essential for tracking down and resolving leaks.

This is particularly important for plaster clad houses, which have specific potential problems depending on their cladding type, design, timber, roofing and windows.

Moisture Detection Company not only diagnose and fix the leaks but we can also investigate any damage the leak may have caused and whether other similar leaks may be developing.

We provide damage assessments and recommendations for leak events (e.g. floods), in commercial or residential buildings.

Our goal is your peace of mind.

Early Leak Detection and Repair Saves Money

Leaks in houses, particularly those with plaster or monolithic cladding, can result in timber decay and damage to wall linings, floors, and carpets.

By the time you can actually see the leak, it has been going on for a long time.  You need to take action quickly to stop the damage getting worse.

If you suspect your house is leaking, call the experts, Moisture Detection Company.

Leaks Can Have Multiple Sources

Moisture can come from a number of sources, e.g. roof, gutter, flashings, window head, window jambs, window sill, sealants, deck connections, cracks in the cladding, cladding too close to the ground and so on.

Many plaster clad houses were built with using building practices, materials and designs which are no longer permitted because they can let moisture into the house.

Thorough leak detection and investigation is important to identify the likely causes, any damage and the most appropriate repair methods.

Plaster home - Defect 1 needs Leak Detection
Plaster home cladding buried in the ground and corner windows are frequent causes of leaks in houses with monolithic cladding

Why Are We The Best?

Moisture Detection Company invented and patented Moisture Detection Probes in 2005 to find leaks in monolithic clad homes built during the leaky homes era.

We have installed tens of thousands of probes which have found thousands of leaks.  We also use them in commercial buildings to diagnose and assess leaks and damage.

Most of these probes stay in the buildings as an early leak detection system, giving peace of mind to plaster clad home owners.

Along the way, we developed specific in-house repair methods to correct many of the defects that results in leaky homes and decay.

Our unique services include:

  • Low cost, whole house moisture monitoring systems
  • Treating untreated or damaged timber framing to kill off decay and protect against future damage.
  • Modifying gutters to stop overflows
  • Adding, repairing or replacing leaking flashings
  • Spraying mould affected surfaces to kill off mould spores.

We don’t just look at the leak. We take an holistic view of your house, to understand how it is performing, where it may have weathertightness issues and how we can make it better.

Professionalism, experience,  and the right tools to give our customers complete peace of mind

Standard Leak Detection and Repair Process

Every leak is different, and while we aim to repair this on the day, that may not be possible.  Our standard service is:

  • Inspect the leak location,
  • Investigate potential sources of moisture and possible repair methods,
  • Investigate decay condition and moisture levels of the timber where possible,
  • Provide recommendations for repairs.

We allow 1.5 hours on site, however more complex investigations may take longer.  If a repair can be carried out during this time then there is no extra charge, except for materials.

If the repair can’t be carried out at the time, we can reschedule this for another day.

We encourage you to provide as much information on your leak as possible, including photographs of the interior and exterior, leak history, house construction and age.  This can be sent to info@moisturedetection.co.nz.

Our standard service charge, including travel time, and vehicle costs is $325 plus GST for the Auckland metropolitan area.

Additional costs may apply for

  • locations outside Auckland metropolitan area,
  • emergency or short-notice call outs,
  • investigation and repairs outside the standard 1.5 hours,
  • additional decay investigation and moisture detection probes
  • timber treatment testing,
  • timber and decay treatment (RotStop),
  • mould treatment.

What can I do if my timber is untreated or decaying?

If your house was built between 1992 – 2004, it is likely to contain either untreated kiln dried timber or under-treated H1 timber. You need to know this so you can plan your house maintenance.  We can take and test samples of your timber and provide a treatment test certificate.

If your house is built using untreated or under-treated timber, Moisture Detection Company offers an in-place timber treatment service to stop existing rot and protect the house from future decay.

This normally follows the installation of our Mdu Moisture Probe System which locates the areas of moisture and decay in the house, allowing targeted remediation of leaks, decay and untreated timber.

By installing an Mdu Moisture Probe System, treating vulnerable timber and carrying out normal repairs and maintenance, owners of plaster clad homes can keep their houses safe and dry without needing expensive, disruptive, re-cladding.