Moisture Probe System

Our patented MDU Moisture Probe System is the only way to find and measure moisture within the framing timber of your house without cutting out cladding or internal linings.

Find, Diagnose, Fix and Monitor Leaks with Mdu Moisture Probes

The big question that monolithic clad home-owners must ask themselves…


This affects your finances, your family’s health, and your peace of mind.  A moisture probe system will answer the question.

While the media hype over the leaky home crisis has died down, the issue remains.  Everyone with a plaster clad house built during the leaky home era must be particularly careful to make sure that it stays safe and dry, and retains good resale value.

The difference between a $500 repair and a $5,000 repair is about 12 months – find the leaks before they cause damage.

Many homes built in Auckland and other parts of New Zealand between 1992 and 2004 used substandard building practices and materials, resulting in leaks and decay.  The problems may not be obvious but are causing damage that reduce the property value, cost a fortune to repair, and put your family at risk.

Benefits of installing an Mdu Moisture Probe System

A moisture monitoring probe system takes the worry and guess-work out of your monolithic clad house by providing factual evidence, so you make informed decisions.

  • Installed in over 2,000 homes
  • Discrete, easy to install, permanent leak early detection system
  • Finds the leaks in your house without cutting out the cladding or gib
  • Cost effective protection for your most valuable asset
  • Monitors anywhere where the house could leak
  • Reliable, repeatable moisture readings today and any time in the future
  • Finds out whether there is any decay at the probe location
  • Gives hard evidence and facts for planning future maintenance
  • Continues monitoring for new leaks for the life of the house 
  • Mdu Moisture Probes alert you to leaks in time to repair them quickly, even before damage occurs in most cases
  • Prove that your house is safe to future buyers
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The Mdu Moisture Probe System - There is Nothing Else

Complete, simple, discrete, low cost, moisture monitoring system to find any issues today, then monitor for leaks in the future.

The stages of installing and reading an Mdu Moisture Probe

The patented Mdu Probe is installed through your skirting boards  to reach, sample and test the timber anywhere that moisture from leaks is going to accumulate.

  • Our experts undertake a visual inspection to identify the parts of the house which could be letting in water.  These are risk points that need to be monitored.
  • A small hole is drilled through the skirting board and into the bottom section of timber framing inside the wall.
  • Timber samples are collected for testing for decay and timber treatment.
  • An Mdu Moisture Probe is inserted and the moisture level read with a meter.
  • The locations of the probes, the moisture contents, timber (decay) condition and treatment are overlaid on digital plans of your house, and available on your private webpage.
  • A detailed debrief explains the results and what they mean for your house.
  • If there are leaks or decay, brief recommendations for repairs are provided.
  • Moisture Detection can undertake the repairs on request.
  • The probes are read again at regular intervals to warn of any future leaks.

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Would you rather have Mdu Moisture Probes discretely installed in the skirting board…..

Small and discrete Mdu Moisture Probe installed to help sell a plaster clad house

Or One-Time Investigation with Expensive, Ugly Cutouts?

Who Should Have Moisture Probes Installed?

Anyone who wants their monolithic clad house to be safe and dry should have a moisture probe system installed.  You can protect your house for a once only cost which is less than a typical insurance premium.

You have oil, temperature and fuel gauges in your car, so why wouldn’t you want ‘moisture gauges’ to protect your biggest investment and your health?

Our probe systems are installed for:

  • Owners of homes with monolithic cladding wanting their houses safe and dry and retaining resale value
  • Owners wanting to sell their monolithic home for the best price possible
  • Potential purchasers of monolithic homes wanting accurate information on the house condition and weathertightness before they buy
  • Owners of re-clad houses wanting to ensure that the re-clad has resolved the leaks and stays dry.
  • Commercial or Body Corporate building owners or managers wanting to diagnose leaks

Wouldn’t you want to know  if this was happening behind your nicely painted walls?

Decay in a wall discovered behind Monolithic Cladding by an Mdu Moisture Probe

Decay discovered by the Mdu Moisture Probe System – Remuera

Avoid Re-Cladding with Mdu Probes

Re-cladding ‘experts’ find a handful of areas of decay in your house and declare that you need a re-clad. How will you know if this is true?  Making a $300,000 plus decision based on potentially flawed logic makes no sense?

Moisture Probe System monitors weathertightness

Our Mdu Probe System gives you accurate information about how your house is performing at all potential risk points. If it does need a re-clad, our test will show this to be true. But what if it doesn’t? What if your home just needed some targeted repairs and timber treatment and you could save $300,000 and a year or more or disruption?

Our reports are easily understandable, our advice and solutions are practical – together with ongoing monitoring this all adds up to a process that is logical and makes financial sense.

What Is The Next Step?

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