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Repairs for Monolithic Cladding

For Homeowners

For Owners of Plaster HomesWho Want To Keep Their Homes Safe and DryOK, so you own a Plaster Clad Home. How do you maintain it, making sure it keeps its…
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weathertightness inspections

For Home Sellers

Selling A Plaster Clad House For MoreSuccessfully Selling A Plaster Clad House Is About Reducing RiskSelling a plaster clad house can be a difficult and discouraging process.  Real Estate agents…
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Monolithic Cladding with Moisture Probe System

For Home Buyers

Buying a House With Plaster Cladding SafelyBuying a House with Confidence - At the Right PriceA standard visual only pre-purchase inspection report before buying a house normally leaves prospective buyers…
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selling a plaster clad house with monolithic cladding

For Real Estate Agents

For Real Estate Agents - Sell a Plaster Clad HouseWhen you sell a plaster clad house, there are some challenges; setting a reasonable price expectation, plaster home stigma, pre-purchase inspections…
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Weathertightness Reports for Monolithic Cladding

For Building Inspectors

For Building Inspectors - Add Integrity and Value to Your Inspection ReportBuilding Inspectors - give your clients what they are really looking for - “is this house weathertight and is…
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building moisture levels

For Property Managers & Body Corporates

For Property Managers and Body Corporates - Accurate Information Drives Good DecisionProperty Managers can confidently give their clients or members the best advice, backed with the strongest evidence available.When making…
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For Builders

Expert Advice For You and Your ClientsTimber, Weathertightness and Invasive InspectionsCall on the experts for weathertightness inspections, or timber testing, Moisture Detection Company can help. When you need to know…
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