Owning or buying a monolithic plaster clad home brings a lot of uncertainty about what problems may be going on unseen under the cladding.

Moisture Detection Company take the guesswork out of plaster clad houses and provide a comprehensive set of tools to diagnose, repair, protect and monitor homes.

Whether you want to keep living in your house, maximise the sales price, or want to know whether a house is safe for you to buy, we are the only company who can deliver you the information and hard evidence that you need.

Staff Members

Ian Holyoake

Managing Director

Ian Holyoake is the Manager Director and genius behind Moisture Detection’s Mdu Probes and the comprehensive, professional processes used to diagnose and repair plaster-clad homes.

With over 30 years in construction, building, claddings and leak detection, Ian is unrivalled in his knowledge and experience.

Alan Gow


Alan is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer with extensive hands-on experience in the field. Alan adds his professionalism and competency to the diagnostic, reporting and repair work undertaken by Moisture Detection Company.

Ruth Murdoch

Sales and Marketing

Ruth has extensive experience running businesses and brings professionalism and knowledge to Moisture Detection Company. She has had her plaster clad home monitored by MDC for over ten years and is a raving fan - especially when a probe picked up a leaking shower while she was away overseas.

When speaking with Ruth, you will be treated with the utmost courtesy and competently guided to the best information and solutions to your situation..

Arun Mandapati

IT Manager

Peter Ching

Data Processing Manager